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7 discussions at a coworking space that you should avoid

Published on September 8, 2017 by Maliha Javed

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Have you ever gone over all the discussions you had earlier the day, hoping to have said something else or not say it at all? Discussions while Coworking may put you constantly in that state if you aren’t careful enough with what you say.

Coworking is a great approach to increasing your social circle, interactions, networking and basically communication among one another and no doubt these factors are quite beneficial for you, but one should be highly precautious with their words and who they say it to.

We all love our little group chats and lunch discussions, it’s what we look forward to the most but a little too much of information given can actually put our jobs at stake without even being aware of it.

Most of us do not even think about the etiquettes that need to be met in an office environment, it may seem as a sensitive topic to even discuss but if you don’t wish to lose your job over a small gossip or talk, it’s better to acknowledge these important factors now!


Here are 7 discussions that you should avoid at all times:


  1. Complaints, complaints, complaints!

Here is one thing we all do; at times we even do it unconsciously. It’s alright, human nature as they say, but what’s not okay is doing it while you are Coworking. Your boss or some coworker may be insanely annoying, maybe they just have an urge to irritate you and make your day a living hell but ranting about their behavior to your other colleagues is a terrible idea. Word of mouth can be faster than your office’s internet connection. You wouldn’t want the person you are discussing to know your thoughts about them especially if it’s your boss!


  1. Bad mouthing another coworker

Of course, we can’t like each and every colleague working with us and that’s normal. Someone may not get along well with us or there maybe that one person that no one really likes, just because this is the case you don’t need to make it a priority to release your frustration by bad mouthing about that person constantly to your other coworkers. It’s a better idea to keep your distance and your inner thoughts to yourself, play it safe!


  1. Gossips and rumors

Discussing matters regarding one another especially when the specific person is absent at that time is not something to be proud of or a part of. Learn to respect each person and be respected in return. Getting involved with such a crowd may not only get you in trouble if the word reaches to the top, but you will never know when the next gossip or rumor will be about you.


  1. Salary discussions

Now, this is a very delicate topic to discuss. Conversing about salaries may seem like a ‘not so big of a deal’ issue but in reality, it actually is. Comparing salaries with one another, demanding for a raise, unsatisfied with work, making complaints to the head etc. are all outcomes of this issue. Most companies even carry out strict regulations regarding the matter of salary disclosure with one another so be careful and avoid breaking the rules.

  1. Personal information

Regardless of being super close to your coworkers, supervisors or even your bosses, there will always be a level of hierarchy at your work environment that requires professionalism. You wouldn’t want any of the managers or board of directors at the next meeting thinking about the divorce you filed for or the new house you’re moving in to. keep in mind that it is also rude to inquire others of their personal matters, learn to respect your coworker’s personal boundaries if they wish to inform you they most certainly will.


  1. The famous ‘No politics and religion’ matter

There is a strong reason why it is widely known to avoid the discussion of these two universal topics and a majority of us know exactly why, so although it may seem like a casual talk at lunch break for you, it can easily escalate into a heated discussion in a matter of a few minutes only. Each of you holds your own personal beliefs so keep it personal and let it not affect your relationship with one another at your work.


  1. Other job opportunities

In order to protect your current job at hand before you make any decision regarding another job offer elsewhere, you must remember to keep the matter to yourself no matter how close you may be to your coworkers. Not only will the possibility of your offer spread out but there can also be a chance of the other coworkers wanting to leave and if this news gets out you can say goodbye to your current position and clear your desk.

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