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Let’s reach the peaks, together.

Basics n' Beyond

Living spaces and working spaces are just the basics. Let us show you what beyond offers.

Provide your space with what it needs to succeed.

Startupbnb offers a wide range of marketing, development, design, strategy and additional services to better help your business grow.

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Our core values


Every business deserves to grow and scale. We partner up with businesses to help them attain the right level of users to keep their business growing.

Relationships that last longer than Roadmaps

We believe in a handshake that turns into a warm hug. It takes a while to get acquainted and we are definitely here to stay.


We are right there by your side through the thick and thin. Our team is accessible virtually from anywhere in the world and always ready to lend a hand.

Leave behind the struggle of building and maintaining your own website. Go beyond with our services!

A place to call home

Say more with doing less. We understand that sometimes a listing itself does not allow you to share the true offering of your platform. We offer custom web pages that are optimized for search engines to help further pull in traffic to your spaces.

Extra traffic specific to your Space only!

With Startupbnb taking 0% commission from the sales, we have no conflict of interest in partnering up with Spaces to drive unique traffic to them directly. We provide social media marketing and search engine optimization services for your profiles on Startupbnb to drive users directly to your space only.

Data, data, and data!

Startupbnb shares information of users that visit your pages and additional information about what makes them stay. We have over 4000 spaces on our platform, we share industry best practices without disclosing any personal data of spaces. We understand that your personal data is only for you to use. Get smarter with smarter analytics. Find out best price rates to offer. We even go as far as telling you what areas the users are searching for to better help you expand into new areas.

Retention support

Why lose out on your members when you worked so hard to get them? Startupbnb offers additional services to better retain your members and keep them engaged. From newsletters to social media account maintenance, we cover it all so that you can focus on more important things for your business.

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