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Budding Businesses that Began in Co-Working Spaces

Published on September 28, 2019 by Qasim Naqvi

Co-working spaces have become a notable resource in helping young businesses achieve success in a cost-effective way. Co-working as a concept has been around long enough to yield significant results. In this article, we will take a look at some noteworthy and a few budding businesses that began in co-working spaces around the world.   


The first entrant on our list is one of the biggest names in recruitment these days. The California based online portal began in 2010 at a co-working space in Los Angeles. With such humble beginnings, this recruitment platform has been able to amass a worth of more than $1.5 billion in just nine years. Today, some of the biggest companies turn to ZipRecruiter when looking for skilled employees.  


Ofo is a Chinese bike-sharing app that redefining how people commute from A to B. Taking a concept made popular by ride-hailing platforms like Uber, Ofo is giving it a more environment-friendly and sustainable perspective. The company is available in 21 countries around the world and counting. Ofo also began in a Chinese co-working space. 


Tracing its beginnings back to a co-working space in San Fransisco, Indiegogo today is helping other businesses acquire much-needed funding to support their operations. The platform helps new ventures that have great ideas to get access to financial resources by arranging to crowdfund for them. According to Indiegogo’s website, the community has helped more than 800,000 startups until now.  

Bloomscape Inc. 

Delivering room ready potted plants to your doorsteps, BloomScape Inc. is a startup that is making headlines in the local market. It has grown from a single person to a team of 11 people in just a few years. Bloomscape Inc. began in a space owned by the popular co-working platform WeWork. The company is able to create something beautiful with limited budget thanks to co-working. 

A list of big names that began in co-working spaces

The fruit of co-working spaces is not just companies that are still on the path to success. There are a number of examples that have and continue to revolutionize the field that they are operating in. Here are a few noteworthy brands that have become a household name today:  


Who is not aware of the image-sharing app that is now part of Facebook? Instagram’s founders famously began the platform in a co-working space in San Francisco. Instagram today has a billion active users and continues to grow every day,  


Ride-hailing has transformed the transport industry as we know it and there is no doubt that Uber got the ball rolling. Today, Uber is available worldwide and it began in a co-working space named RocketSpace. That was 2011 and now Uber is a brand worth more than $70 billion,


The platform began in the same co-working space as Uber and is valued at $8 billion at the moment. Spotify provides music streaming to 159 million people as of now and is one of the biggest companies of its kind in the market. 


Co-working is a new force that is helping startups around the globe become companies that bolster economies and aid in the well being of society by creating employment opportunities. These businesses in the long term contribute to prosperous developments all across the globe.  

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