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Published on April 17, 2019 by Hassan_Rajput

Co-Living is nothing new. Like any great business idea, it has already been done (up to a point). In particular, in the United Kingdom, people have shared floors for decades to reduce the cost of living. HMOs already make up a large part of the contracted industry, especially in crowded areas.

However, sharing rooms with people you do not know can be a difficult task. Especially because most people who live in a shared or shared apartment do not really want it, but it is the only thing they can afford. This is because most HMOs were not created for separate households or individuals, but were adjusted to government standards with minimal investment. The owners do not want to invest more money than necessary to benefit from it, since they do not meet the needs of the market.

The more problems you can solve, the more opportunities you will benefit from it. Residential buildings are redesigned to solve specific problems of a particular resident. Definitely not perfect for any tenant, but the digital nomad should feel very happy and happy. Here are the solutions that emphasize Co-Living Spaces

Privacy Policy

Each occupant of the building has its own room and private bathroom. The rooms are available in different sizes, so there is a cover for every taste … and for every budget. There are even mature apartments if you need your own facilities and do not want to share everything constantly.

Social integration

Co-Living is very social. Working outside the office can be very lonely, especially if you are single. In fact, loneliness is a key issue for digital nomads. The main ingredient of Co-Living is the community. The floor plan of the building is designed to improve interaction in the use of common spaces and make living with other people fun and desirable. However, designers also recognize that people want isolation if they wish. Therefore, there are additional roads and entrances that avoid common spaces.

Move In ready

These features are fully furnished. Residents can move with only two suitcases and do not need anything else, since all the facilities are fully equipped. The digital nomads will be enthusiastic because they do not want to invest in furniture, appliances, supplies or crockery. Entering the Ready approach makes private the worst. Furnished properties in the market generally include only some key pieces of furniture and appliances. Everything else you have to bring or buy. This is absolutely counterproductive for this population that wants to invest in their lives and not in their homes.

Built-in facilities

one of the most impressive aspects of residential buildings is the large number of additional features and facilities available to all residents. HMOs usually include a kitchen and a living room, and all of you have to get along and make room for yourself.

The residential buildings include several kitchens, dining rooms, recreation rooms, game rooms, space for laptops, bathrooms and a gym. Some buildings have function rooms, spa and gardens and terraces, restaurants and cafes, cinemas and a library.

These buildings are designed to include hotel and resort services included in the rent. And because these functions are offered on a scale (for all residents), the costs remain manageable and can compete with the costs of external competitors.

Built-in features

Another great solution for those who do not want to bother is to pay for everything. This includes all bills for electricity, heating and air conditioning. In addition, the entire building is equipped with a commercial Internet, which is crucial for digital nomads who work mainly on the Internet. If you have never interrupted an important Skype call from a crazy ISP that takes hours to re-establish your connection, live in happiness.

In addition, a cleaning of the entire system is planned. This also includes changing the bedding. You still need to clean up a bit, especially after yourself. But the cleaning staff makes sure that you live the whole in your place.



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