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Published on April 18, 2019 by Hassan_Rajput

As an independent professional, founder of startups or digital nomad, you must take into account the benefits of teamwork when choosing your work environment. Working at home or bringing a laptop to a coffee shop may seem like a dream, but for reasons discussed later in this article, it can also be a challenge and a frustration.

The alternative for those who do not want to stay at home or in cafes would be to rent offices for the long term, which would result in high costs and a lack of flexibility. This is where coworking comes in! A “coworking space” is a place where you can sit every day at any table (or in some places) and enjoy a good Internet connection, a cafeteria, a kitchen and a company of like-minded people. In general, it provides an office environment without everyone having to work on the same project, each on their own, but together. These rooms are now spread all over the world (as shown by the Global Coworking map on which I am working). As a digital nomad, I use coworking spaces in more than 30 countries since 2011 and consider it a lifesaver. Here are some key Co-working benefits:

Increase your efficiency

Research has shown that people who use coworking spaces are more efficient due to the adaptation of energy and thought created by the interaction and accessibility of a collaborative work environment. This means that the financial cost of using a coworking space is much less than the financial benefits derived from it.

Avoid loneliness and let yourself be inspired by like-minded people

 working alone is insulating and can affect your mood Having employees and interaction meets a social need. The idea in a coworking space is that even if you work alone, you are surrounded by great people. Coworking Space members have chosen a unique and independent lifestyle like you, and that is exactly the kind of person you want to embrace. Coworking makes your day more exciting, fun and happy.

Create a fantastic network

 coworking spaces strengthen your network and connect you with the most important people, potential customers, suppliers or even business partners of your company. At Coworking Spaces, you are guaranteed to meet high quality, talented and energetic people that complement your network, which can be fundamental for your business.

Let you and your business be taken seriously

This is a bit deep, let’s start with an example: it is generally recommended to work at home with the clothes you would wear in the office. Working with pajamas in flip-flops generally reduces your productivity by telling you that you are not in work mode. When you use a coworking space, you realize your appearance and your clothes. When you take the time to sit in your seat and the money you spend on it, you are reminded that your work is important enough to take it seriously and value your time and skills. ,

Improve your social life

 one of the biggest drawbacks when you quit a job 9 hours out of 5 is the best source to meet new people, your office. Jobs give us an excellent source of new friends and when you leave your work, this source is exhausted. In a collaborative workplace, you can fill gaps and make new friends with interesting people in new places.

Reduce uncertainty

most of us who work remotely are trying to find the perfect coffee to work with a laptop as a digital nomad. This can be a source of uncertainty and frustration when you walk from one cafeteria to another, hoping that today there is not too much noise or that the Internet works.

Reduce costs and add flexibility

In case you have chosen an office, a coworking space makes more sense than renting your own office. Renting an office involves installing the infrastructure and the cost of the electricity bill, which consumes money and time. The staff at Coworking Space takes care of everyone. For the regular rental of offices, the conclusion of long-term contracts is generally required for a period of at least one year. In Coworking Spaces, you can rent your table or even a room for a few days, weeks or a month, concentrating on the essentials: your work.

Emotional Support

The majority of those who leave the 9 to 5 year old lifestyle are also working to start businesses or start an independent business. Both activities are entrepreneurial and have many ups and downs. It could even put pressure on you, your family and your friends to return to the “safe zone” and return to work as employees. Surrounding entrepreneurs and freelancers while working in a joint work space gives them the impetus to move forward and receive and provide emotional support to their colleagues.

Build a team Escalation and actual success usually require collaboration with others

 There will be a time when it will make sense to build a team slowly and hire someone to help your business grow. In some situations, you can hire someone who can be hired remotely, but let’s be 100% honest. There’s nothing like working in the same room. In a coworking space, you can invite another person to work without having to rent your own office. As your team grows, many coworking spaces provide the opportunity to rent a team room that will allow your team to focus on your projects and enjoy the interaction and benefits outside of your team. own space.



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