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Published on April 20, 2019 by Hassan_Rajput

Tip # 1 – If in doubt, check it

Finding a new coworking space can be difficult.
Whether you plan to spend every minute of your waking up (hey, more power for you) or going to meeting rooms, you’ll want to make sure the space contains the energy you want to deliver to your customers, Are you a designer, consultant or remote worker who needs to be surrounded by people of the same type? Do you need other people to scramble to motivate you? Or are you a calm and focused type of person? Make sure you enjoy the free day of your potential coworking space to capture the atmosphere of your new office.
At, we actually have different energy each day. For example, Tuesday tends to be calm and focused, while Friday tends to have so much energy and ambient chatter in the air that you can taste it. That’s why we’re offering a free one-week trial. This allows potential members to see the space each day and decide if it is an ideal choice.

Tip # 2 – Perfect your elevator height

When working in coworking spaces, you will meet and interact with people at odd moments: waiting for the printing of your document, taking a glass of water, browsing the options of the chip …

During these moments, you can introduce yourself or interact with certain members. It’s the perfect time to share your elevator pitch! You would be surprised to see what connections or collaborations can result from a simple conversation. We have had people find new Podcast guests, marketing clients, financial advisors – the possibilities are endless! You do not want to be that person looking for explanations or getting into a 5-minute game when someone asks, “So, what are you doing?” Use this opportunity to refine your presentation and you may be surprised at the opportunities!

Tip # 3 – Coffee, fruits and snacks (Oh my god!)

Working hard burns calories. Smart snack to keep these energy levels.
Having snacks and drinks available can help you keep your energy steady. Try to balance these Goldfish snacks with a mignard and make sure you have at least 2 cups of water for every cup of coffee you drink. Most coworking locations have community refrigerators; it’s worth keeping a bag filled with cheese sticks and baby carrots for a quick and easy snack. Make sure to always be considerate at lunch time and eat stinky foods outside If your coworking space is in restaurants and cafes, ask staff if it has a discount to be a member.

Tip # 4 – Netflixing and … Chill?

We understood. It can sometimes be difficult to overcome the urge to play music or watch movies while you work. If you need to play an episode of The Office or a bit of TSwift to pump your blood, we do not judge, make sure to keep those headphones!

You may think that you have the best taste in music and everyone should be grateful to have you as a DJ, and you may be right, but if in doubt, ASK. Ask your neighbors if they want to listen to music or just use a headset right off the bat. A coworking space is a community space. It’s a place where people from all walks of life can meet. That’s what makes them so great! But with different origins, different tastes, so protect yourself and bring these headphones!

Tip # 5 – Get out of your comfort zone

If we had to summarize the single-line coworking experience, it would be: try to meet someone new every day.
Whether you are introverted or extroverted, it can be difficult to meet new people. You can make it a lot less scary, but just meet a new person a day. Introduce yourself, ask what they are doing, then listen to them and let them talk. This is a very easy way to practice establishing business relationships. If you feel that the person you are meeting is someone who could be a quick contact, add a little word “Can I add you on Linkedin?” And BAM! You have a new connection.



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