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Published on April 21, 2019 by Qasim Naqvi

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular among organizations, large and small. Even big names such as Microsoft and GE have embraced the benefits they can offer. If you are considering opening one, it is helpful to know about these benefits.

This trend may actually be part of an overall shift in our approach to work. As we move towards a market economy, coworking spaces offer affordable temporary offices designed specifically for workers in need of flexibility. Providing tenants with a flexible work situation should be a key goal for anyone considering opening a coworking space.

In addition, as managers leverage their ability to measure the productivity of coworking spaces, the popularity of shared desktops will continue to grow in popularity for businesses of all sizes. The time has come to take advantage of these changes.

Although it is impossible to predict exactly the impact of these spaces on the workforce, the following changes are particularly worthy of consideration.

Co-working Spaces and Workforce Changes: What You Need to Know When Opening

A recent survey of employees and business leaders indicates that “agile workers” are becoming increasingly valuable to businesses. Agile workers are employees who work on their own or under contract. About two-thirds of business leaders surveyed said that, on average, these workers made up about 30% of their total workforce.

Coworking spaces should help adapt to these new trends. Formerly considered freelance and small team offices, these spaces are now attracting companies from large organizations. When a company hires a contractor to work on a temporary project, it must always know that the freelancer has access to the same useful resources as those found in a traditional office. Coworking spaces must be equipped to provide them.

Obviously, this means such resources as reliable internet and office equipment. Freelancers need to know that they can actually work in the office. However, office culture should also be inviting. As more and more people work from home, more and more employees can feel lonely at work. Having the opportunity to work in a stimulating space with socialization opportunities is important.

Since many freelancers and contractors only work on temporary projects, you need to design your rental options flexibly. Some tenants will be less interested in coworking spaces that require them to rent them for a long time. Giving tenants the opportunity to rent in the short term will help attract more businesses.

It is also helpful if your coworking space is part of a larger office network. Digital nomads, who work remotely while traveling, need offices in which they can go to different parts of the world. A network of coworking spaces can offer that.

How Co-working spaces can satisfy everyone

It is important to understand that these changes in our overall approach to work will benefit everyone. Freelancers are not the only ones who can enjoy the coworking revolution.

For employers, these changes mean they can recruit workers from anywhere in the world and save money on offices. Experts argue that the use of these spaces could reduce a company’s total expenses by 75%.

In addition, by giving employees the opportunity to work flexibly and travel, organizations will be more successful in meeting their needs. The result is a more engaged workforce. Coworking spaces make these changes possible. Again, all these reasons are good for opening a coworking space now.



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