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Here’s why you should choose Coliving over living alone.

Published on September 8, 2017 by Maliha Javed

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live with a group of people and what are the co-living benefits?

Has the thought ever crossed your mind whether to choose Coliving or simply live alone? It’s most likely normal for several people to hesitate for a moment before moving in anywhere and to question all the existing possibilities out there. But when Coliving is an option presented in front of you, here are six reasons why it is better to opt for a communal living than going solo:


  1. The greatest and most apparent reason is the social factor. No doubt living alone can be quite peaceful for us but one can’t possibly deny the benefits of social interaction. Having a handful of good friends at the place you stay can be quite entertaining especially after a long tiresome day. Of course, you can always maintain your privacy therein, but when it comes to watching movies, eating dinner, exercising or even binge watching it’s nice to have company around rather than doing it all alone.

  1. Indeed we all need our personal space and it is something one must respect severely; Coliving does not mean one will always be surrounded by a bunch of people on our heads. Of course not, in fact, we get to enjoy as much ‘alone-time’ as we want and at the same time take pleasure in the presence of others. Being surrounded by a group of great people without a doubt makes us happier, healthier and avoids loneliness. Studies have shown that one-quarter of people living alone usually fill an antidepressant prescription! None of us would want to be a part of this ratio now, would we?




  1. Another great factor of living in a community is that your social circle increases vastly and very quickly. Coliving is an excellent approach for networking. When you become friends with the people you share the space with, it is most likely for you to be a part of their social gatherings as well and get acquainted with their friends and their friend’s friends. Think about it, it is less likely for one to complain about having a lot of friends.

  1. Great savings are on your way! When we share a space with several people we may also tend to share the costs which may include food, utilities etc; so the more the people there are, the lesser your expenses will be. At times you wouldn’t even need to spend on a new iron or a pair of shoes for an upcoming event, your roommates got your back with stuff you don’t have.

  1. No more chores!! Well okay, that’s not entirely true but when you‘re residing in a community then the burden of doing the home chores is usually equally divided amongst the other residents. So you don’t have to worry about getting the cleaning and washing done all by yourself in one day. With your roommates there you can always count on a helping hand from any one of them, even if it has to do with waiting for you in the dark because you’re too scared to be alone.


  1. Take a breath because we are likely to be safer when several people are together than being alone. No one would want to break into a house filled with an army of people unless of course, they have a death wish. But chances of danger are most applicable to those who are by themselves so thus, the more you are the safer you tend to be.


So next time you plan on relocating or moving temporarily, keep an eye out for the numerous Coliving spaces being offered worldwide. It’s a great deal maker and could benefit you a lot more than you living alone.








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