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Published on April 20, 2019 by Hassan_Rajput

Have you ever thought about working in a coworking space? Co-working, defined as the exchange of office space by independent (usually) professionals who wish to work together in a collaborative environment (unlike the traditional model of office occupancy by employees of a single organization) presents many benefits, perhaps you have not thought. In fact, the coworking space can be ideal for entrepreneurs.

Self-employment is increasing and co-working adapts to many independent workers

The benefits of self-employment are well known: your own boss, flexibility in the choice of working hours and place of work, and the ability to deduct operating costs from income taxes are a powerful incentive to independent work Especially because the traditional “art of life”, enjoyed by many of our parents and grandparents, has almost completely disappeared.

Statistics show that self-employment is growing. By 2020, in the United States and Canada, 40% of the workforce will be self-employed, independent contractors and on-call workers.

The increase in the number of self-employed workers has led to an explosive demand for coworking spaces, especially the generation of the millennium in new technology companies. According to the deskmag coworking world survey 2017, the number of coworking spaces has increased by 22% per year and the number of coworking members by 40% per year. Multimillionaire superstars like Uber and Instagram have been incubated in coworking spaces.

Working from home can be beneficial, depending on your financial and family situation, but it can also isolate and / or distract you, which can affect your productivity. If you do not want to work from home, but do not need or can not afford a traditional private office space, it may be time to explore the benefits of working together.

The Co-Working space is ideal for economic startups.

Traditional office rental generally requires a contract period of two to ten years (usually five years). A deposit is also required. Depending on the laws of the province / province and the structure of the lease, the activation of a commercial contract can be difficult and expensive, especially if there is not much space available.

On the other hand, Coworking Space is treated more like a membership of a club: the space is usually rented from month to month. Some providers offer weekly, hourly or even a la carte options. In terms of cash flow, Coworking Space is ideal for new companies looking for a professional work environment without a high initial cost or a long-term commitment.

The flexibility of Coworking Space can also be beneficial for a growing emerging company. Adding more employees is as easy as adding members.

Coworking Space users sign a membership agreement that describes the rates, the rules of use of the space and other legal aspects that govern the relationship between the provider and the member.

The co-work facilities are all included

Another great benefit of coworking is to avoid all other initial costs for private offices, including furniture, utilities, additional rental rates and equipment (coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, etc.). . Finding suitable private offices can also take a long time.

Co-working space typically includes:

• Desk and chair (depending on the number of members, it can be an available office, a dedicated office or even a private office)

• High speed internet (cable or wifi)

• Access to a shared printer / scanner / copier

• Place in the library.

• Free coffee / tea and a kitchen with refrigerator and microwave

• use of a conference room (reservation required)

One of the main attractions of Coworking Space, especially during thousands of years of entrepreneurs, are the least responsibilities. The administration of the building is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the facilities. Coworking’s comprehensive approach also makes it easier to keep books and prepare tax returns, since all services are combined into a single monthly bill.



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