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The heart of Coworking can be your kitchen

Published on September 8, 2017 by Maliha Javed

Many of us – space owners may not even recognize the significance of our kitchens at our spaces. It can most certainly be the strongest element of our Coworking space if we once realize how to take advantage of it. The kitchen has a bigger role than we think, it is not only a place to grab a snack from as many of us perceive it but it is also the center point of our spaces where everyone comes together and share their free time at. We’ve all heard the saying “ A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” but this actually implies to all humans. Ones satisfaction is fulfilled when their needs are met, and if we make sure to not only meet but to exceed the needs of our co-workers then most certainly the outcome will lead to happier co-workers and a stronger community.

The basic necessities of a kitchen should be the first and foremost priority. Make sure that your kitchen comprises of all electronic equipment from a fridge, coffee maker, water cooler, microwave etc. in good working conditions. Coworkers wouldn’t want to deal with something out of order and go through the hassle of ordering takeout instead. Make sure to provide all the basic amenities first which also includes an arrangement for plates, spoons, glasses and even sugar, salt, tea etc; then feel free to add any other facility you may like for example, a juice or salad bar. But make sure to keep in mind the quantity of your items also since you wouldn’t want to run short on anything all of a sudden.

Once the fundamental elements are tackled, you can now focus on embellishing your kitchen. Like we mentioned above, a kitchen is also a place where everyone will gather around so you would want to make sure to create a space that encourages open communication and interaction to take place. Think about having a large center table or a counter bar maybe? Your coworkers should not feel clustered at this space especially during meals; it may ruin their mood and attitude towards being in the kitchen.

Add some life to your kitchen. It should be a room that stands out from the rest to allow your team to a breath of fresh air after all the work they indulge in. Add some bright colors around, maybe a music player or some fresh flowers to lighten up the mood. Little things have large impacts on one’s mood and we may not even realize it at times.

Try to make your kitchen as homely as possible. You want to make your coworkers feel as comfortable as they can; many of them would even bring their own meals several times. Allow them to feel like it’s their own space with no formalities attached. You can get as creative as you want here. Attach group photos of your team on the fridge, install a mood board or even initiate weekly kitchen activities to bring people together, for instance, you can get your team divided into two groups and have a baking contest every few weeks or set a date each month for free donuts!


Maintaining order is then what needs to be looked at. Once you’ve got your kitchen running smoothly you would want to make sure your coworkers are satisfied with what you provide for them. Be open to suggestions from each of them but most importantly you need to make sure you set certain ground rules around. Make it clear in a respectable manner for how each individual is responsible for their own personal items or food and that throwing trash around or leaving dirty dishes is not acceptable. It is vital for everyone to cooperate in order to establish a good environment around the kitchen area.


Once you begin to apply these factors into your Coworking space you may observe a positive change from your coworkers. Not only will their human needs be fulfilled but most of them would look forward to their lunch hours and enjoy themselves with the company of others in what they feel is a great chilling spot at your space.



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