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Coworking spaces improve your health

Published on September 25, 2016 by Maliha Javed

We may be attracted to the spinning chairs, personal work station and of course the blasting air conditioner on each floor; but working on a desk all day is certainly no joke. It may take quite some time to adjust to the routine until we get accustomed to it but what we’re not aware of is the fact that our body needs a healthy and comfortable environment to keep up its pace with all the work overload.

For most of us it may seem as though it is an act that can’t possibly harm us in any way at all, I mean to think of it, all we have to do is simply sit and work on our computer screens; It may seem pretty mundane but little do we know, just by sitting in one position all day long can actually be more harmful to our bodies than we can imagine.

Several researches show that the most likely common problems to occur from desk jobs are; headaches, backaches, bad posture, stress, migraines, weak eye sight, flu and fatigue. We often don’t think much about it and without realization the negative effects on our body starts to take place gradually. Indeed, short breaks in between work can ease our sufferings but at one point all these piled up problems can lead to some severe serious illnesses.




There’s no doubt that numerous offices are trying to make the work environment better and more healthier for their employees but the standard desk job seems to be irreplaceable; which is why the concept of Co-working is picking up pace with the latest trend. It allows people to travel across the world and join a community to do their work. Not only are they free from desk restrictions with a particular time frame, but they gain even more productivity and work efficiency. Co-working may be the total opposite of a desk work but it allows individuals something that an office may not; which includes social interaction, comfortable work environment, a break from the same routine and same space, different surrounding, more learning and knowledge etc.

Although this fast growing trend seems to attract numerous people from across the globe, still several of us are yet confined to desk jobs and may find it harder to quit. Despite the attempts, it is necessary for one to know the hazards of working at a desk all day long and an effort to put their health first should be made.

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