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Published on April 16, 2019 by Qasim Naqvi

We all want to find ways to save money when choosing a rental location. At, we are proud to offer the most profitable options when it comes to offering rental options to our customers.

That’s why we wanted to create this guide and reveal five ways to save on rentals that most people do not know about. We believe that everyone deserves access to the city and its opportunities, regardless of their financial situation. Most people know that their choice of location and area will increase the total cost of renting the place. But the amount of your rent payment is not everything.

Cheap rental may be attractive at first, but you may incur hidden fees or spend more on other services because you have chosen a cheaper rental. Renting a better place that can also compensate for the higher rent has many benefits, such as better neighbors, a more lively social life and even business opportunities.

After all, we believe that Economic Co-Living is better. People are the most important aspect of city life. Apart from that, here is our guide on how to save money when renting a place. A typical resident can save $ 37,580 in 5 main categories

Living with roommates’s research shows that people are far from underestimating the cost savings of living with roommates. Most respondents said they could save $ 9,000 a year by living with their roommates, while the average number is more than $ 18,000 a year. If you want to make the best possible decisions as a tenant, you need information about the commitments you make when you live alone with your roommates. As we will see later, many more economies go beyond the rental division.


Academic research has shown that a long road to productivity can affect your productivity, damage your pocket book and profoundly affect your happiness. In fact, adding 20 minutes to his way of working makes him as unhappy as a salary cut of 19%. Most people think that neighborhoods near work can be too expensive, but on average, the worker saves between $ 1,200 and $ 8,400 per year if he decides to walk (and that does not matter).

Imagine, you live in San Francisco and discuss if you own a car and rent an apartment or if you live in the financial district of the city and want to go to work. On average, owning a car can cost you $ 700 a month or more if you plan to pay for $ 250, $ 100 and parking fees of $ 350. Even these relatively modest amounts equate to $ 8,400 a year before you even think about gas!

At the same time, imagine losing an hour a day traveling or walking. With up to 300 hours a year to go to work. If you can earn the average salary of $ 50 per hour and monetize that time with more work or promotions, you will earn $ 15,000 a year just for going to work and getting more productive hours.

During this time, you have a better quality of life, which can result in unimaginable benefits in terms of creativity, quality of sleep and pleasant feelings in your life in general.


For those who can work remotely, an excellent apartment can mean access to the conveniences of a common living room with comfortable furniture and fast Wi-Fi Internet access. A good coworking area costs around $400 per month. So, if you can work from your apartment complex, you can save a lot of money and increase your productivity.

Research shows that spending an hour at home is much more productive than in an office, giving more money per hour. The convenience of having to move from the door of your house for a few seconds is also integrated, and still get the comfortable sofas, desks and Wi-Fi you can find in the coolest work areas.


If there is good food at home and people with whom you can cook, it is much easier to motivate yourself to cook delicious meals at home. Cooking with your roommates saves you a lot of money and makes it easier to prepare your favorite foods. This saves time. Choosing an apartment with easy access to a grocery store is another great way to save money. You are less tempted to order take-out, which is generally less healthy and cannot save you money on how home-cooked meals do it.

In other words, the choice of a high-quality apartment seems to be more expensive, until you consider the enormous savings in homemade meals and even bread with fun people can be a rewarding experience. .Eating at home is much cheaper and it can be more fun to cook with the people you love.


Living in community not only strengthens your commitment to save money by cooking together. It also saves a lot of money in often despicable public services, whether you have one, two or four people. For example, the Internet becomes much cheaper when it is shared among your roommates, and sharing rarely affects your speed. Warming a house also costs no matter how many people live there.

Entertainment services such as Cable, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and others allow you to share an account of several people who live with you. Some even offer personalized profiles for free, so you will not get the movies recommended by your roommate as recommended.



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