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Hostels around the world with co-working spaces

Published on September 28, 2019 by Qasim Naqvi

Co-working and living are trends that have seen a tremendous rise over the last few years. They allow like-minded individuals to come together and create more productive opportunities for themselves. Co-working in particular, helps budding entrepreneurs and freelancers establish themselves by working out of an affordable space until they have the resources to grow on their own.

There are spaces around the world that offer both co-working infrastructure and lodging at the same time. These can be ideal for traveling businessmen and others willing to stay where they work. Here is a list of some hostels with co-working spaces:

The Lab, Cairns, Australia

Located in a small yet beautiful town in Australia, The Lab, as the name indicates, is a place for individuals to go when they are trying to find something new. According to the owners, they believe in experimenting with everything related to technology. Although the space is relatively small, it offers a great experience for tech-focused entrepreneurs to launch their ideas.

La Joya Hostel and Co-work, Valparaiso, Chile

Hidden amazingly in one corner of Valparaiso, Chile, La Joya Hostel is one exciting location in South America. It has more than 2000 m2 of covered area and can accommodate at least 60 guests. It is ideal for conferences or investor meetings as it offers everything a person can ask for. With a restaurant, lodging and appropriate co-working space, La Joya is a one-stop destination for business in Chile.

Podshare, Venice, Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles is a state famous for its natural beauty, especially beaches. Podshare is a space that sits just three minutes away from the Venice Canals and only a 10-minute walk from the nearest beach. Their space has 36 tailor-made pods which provide a window for people to come together, interact and network to expand their reach. It is also an ideal space for travelers looking for budget-friendly accommodation.

Arctic Co-working Lodge, Tangstad, Norway

They say that nature brings peace to the heart and mind. Norway is one of Europe’s dream destinations and with the pressures that new business owners face, it can be just the place to seek solace. The Arctic Co-working Lodge helps people connect with others who share the same passion. It is a platform for the exchange of existing ideas and the formation of new ones.

The Collective Acton, London, United Kingdom

London is a hub of economic activity located at the crossroads of Asia and America. The Collective Acton has become a space where young minds have the opportunity to develop a framework, a community that can help them strive together. With both custom ensuite rooms and studios, the place ideally designed as a lodging has quickly transformed into a collection of some great entrepreneurs, freelancers, enthusiasts, and travelers.


While the world has become a digital village, co-working and co-living spaces allow a return to the olden days. More and more of these places are opening their doors around the world. The hostels listed above with co-working spaces are just a few options. To explore more relevant spaces in your area, follow the link to our homepage and begin your search right now.

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