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Co-living: What is co-living and why is it important?

Published on June 5, 2016 by Maliha Javed

In today’s generation, we all believe in optimizing our resources to the fullest. Similarly, the concept of co-living was initiated on this basis. It may remind most of us of the tiny dorm rooms, confined shared apartments and roommate issues that a lot of people had faced. However, it is far from anything like that. The idea had earlier begun from the name “hacker houses” in Silicon Valley and the bay area, when entrepreneurs found it unreasonable to pay extremely high rent for a temporary place where they would be spending hardly a few hours each day.



From co-housing to co-working to now co-living, the concept they all share is quite similar. Attaining astounding spaces at the most reasonable prices for short-term accommodation, while co-living is for people who wish to simply eat sleep and play. Businesses across the globe are now offering well furnished and high-end interior spaces with its own themes. Not just that, these businesses even offer numerous perks to its members staying at their spaces such as laundry, wifi network, maid services and even nest thermostats. It is not only a great way to save costs of those high rented apartments and avoid the hassle of time-consuming legal documentation required, but it also creates a community within each space, through the interaction of different people from across the world coming for the same purpose. It allows for more creativity, interaction, productivity and social awareness to take place among various people sharing one space. It is able to solve many problems that entrepreneurs, travelers, freelances may face and is gradually picking up in trend in today’s world. All sorts of people have begun to acknowledge the convenience of affordability of this concept that it is now being seen as the “new living”.


More and more businesses are offering their spaces to the world today, while businesses like Startupbnb itself allows locating any space globally and even listing your empty spaces that you ought to offer. Within the next few years, the demand for co-living spaces is likely to pick up running alongside the idea of co-working leaving us enthusiastic to take advantage of such opportunities.

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