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MobileWeek 2016

Published on August 20, 2016 by Maliha Javed

As many of us know, Mobile Week conference is a week-long chain of events that take place across New York City where the future upcoming engineers, entrepreneurs, and executives master the skills behind the mobile revolution. Our team at Startupbnb was exclusively invited to submit an entry for the Mobile Week conference 2016, which we did and thankfully ended up getting selected. We were even lucky enough to further get chosen for the Web Summit 2016. However, since the event was taking place in Hong Kong and the timings were unfavourable at that moment; our team was unable to attend the Web Summit. Nevertheless, the mobile week conference was an incredible experience for all of us individually and for Startupbnb.

So how did the event go about?  Well to begin with, we at Startupbnb were blessed with the opportunity to be one of the top 10 companies to present their products at the Mobile Week Conference 2016, despite the massive competition. For us it was an ideal advantage to showcase our product to hundreds of users and use this platform as a beta launch.  Our introduction of Startupbnb surprisingly invoked a lot of interest from individuals and businesses wanting to list their spaces and sign up for our services. It was a reaction our team didn’t expect to see and we’re glad we were able to reach out to so many.

MobileWeek 2016

Without doubt, this was immensely beneficial for Startupbnb as it not only caught a lot of attention within the public eye but our team was able to receive a ton of constructive feedback on our product and what people think of it. The best part of this event was being able to get users to sign up on the beta and list their spaces with us, when the only intention we had while coming was to introduce who we are and what are product is; so to be able to actually get people signing up with us was a great achievement for our entire team!

When we asked our CEO, Qasim to tell us the highlight of his experience, he went on saying:

“For me to have been able to meet several talented entrepreneurs and CEO’s who wanted to list their businesses and use office spaces with Startupbnb, was a victory itself. It was definitely a great way to get the greatest minds in one room and obtain feedback from them on our product.  It inspired and taught me a lot on how I could possibly make Startupbnb better and I appreciated every word they had to give.”

Overall, we individually and as a team, got to learn a lot from this experience and were able to meet a ton of talented entrepreneurs during the event. It was no doubt a boost for Startupbnb and we are all proud of how far we have come with our product, which comes to show that we have yet a long way to come ahead!

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