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Arnoldo Jacauna

Alto Paraíso de Goiás - Chapada dos Veadeiros - Brazil Portuguese; English

The worldwide movement of Coliving has grown every day, revealing an increasing aspiration of people to live together with each other more harmoniously, and relearn the meaning of affection, unity, fraternity – values forgotten before the general stress, which swallowed such deep and relevant feelings. The members of Co-living focal points are the strong social aspirations and the imperative need to reduce the complexity, the stress and the cost of living, along with the desire to live better – shared and sustainable – in a positive and peaceful environment. For 17 years, seeking a simpler life – less expensive and less tiring – 12 outbred families have chosen to live and work together. Since 1999, they have been engaging their spiritual, intellectual, social and financial capital in the success of a large gear of affection and sharing: the Coliving GDM and the Coworking GDM. The collaborative spirit, the desire to join efforts to create a positive microcosm and the purpose of enhancing opportunities from the collective action – not individual – are common features of the pioneers who made this option. Convivas – members of Coliving GDM – are mostly people with high intellectual level and with academic upper level. Each one decided to share needs and offer abilities at Coliving and Coworking GDM, proving with these 17 years of experience that this lifestyle provides a truer and more human living. It’s the exact path to an authentic and conscious happiness. From relations, the feeling of belonging was born among Convivas, stimulating the creation of a safer and healthier environment with higher levels of living together and cooperation, proper to the growth of children and the tranquility of the elderly. For the generation of abundance, Convivas created Tapindaré Hotel, Restaurante and Spa. Over the years, other partners with the same principles came together to perform their spiritual evolution, entrepreneurial dreams and collective causes. Together they created Coworking GDM. Today, at Coworking GDM thrive together: Coliving GDM [1. intentional community], Tapindaré [2. hotel, restaurant and spa]; Fazendinha Cogumelo [3. organic mushrooms and food]; La Belle [4.laundry]; Associação Veadeiros [5. tourism manager]; Recomendo no Paraíso [6. dinner]; PA Advocacia [7. law firm]; Medicina Completa [8. orthomolecular medicine, pediatrics and psychology]; Associação Beneficente Grupo Deus Mãe [9. religious and philanthropic ong]; Alto Paraíso de Goiás – GO [10. communication and advertising]. Coworking GDM is open to the access of so many others who want to engage this modern, innovative and collaborative proposal. Convivas work at the several areas of Coworking, dedicating themselves with great loveliness in what they do. So that they can always offer impeccable services, confirming the tradition of an ideal place to eat, relax, have fun, stay, work, work in volunteering, caring for the physical and psychological health, protected rights. The building of Tapindaré, which brings together Coworking GDM, enchants by modern architecture with elegant decor that blends, in a balanced fashion, technology and elements of nature. Result: lots of charm and warmth. Restaurant Tapindaré and Recomendo no Paraíso – Coworking members in the food sector – predominantly use whole foods, natural, organic, grain, seeds and dried fruit. The quality of the dishes offered is guaranteed by using only natural flavorings such as garlic, onions and herbs. At Coworking there is a space for Corporate or Family Events, which holds up to 60 participants. Cute and comfortable, the room is equipped with projector, sound, lighting, meeting table. The coffee break offered is rich in colors, aromas and flavors, and includes cold cuts, pastes, salads, fruit, snacks, homemade breads, various cakes and dishes, always with sophistication, innovation, elegance and healthy cuisine, the registered trademark of events success. The Coliving and Coworking GDM ensure the principles of social and economic sustainability, and promote environmental sustainability through the following actions: a) two ecological tanks – Ecofossa – installed to protect the cradle of springs of water; b) use of natural ventilation and natural lighting; c) use of low power equipment; d) pool and waterfall with solar heating; e) garbage disposal – with composting of organic waste held in Coliving and Fazendinha Cogumelo for the natural fertilization of the food used at Tapindaré and Recomendo no Paraíso restaurants; f) incentive campaign to reuse towels and linens (bilingual text); g) use of leftover food to feed pigs and chickens from Fazendinha Cogumelo; h) production of handmade soap with the oil used in restaurants; i) campaign to increase the choice for local suppliers.

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