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Are company retreats actually beneficial?

Published on September 8, 2017 by Maliha Javed


FINE retreats

Company retreats can be a great way to boost your business’s productivity and efficiency. It allows your team of employees to regain their work motivation and develop a positive change in attitude. Indeed, to plan a company retreat may seem like a lot of effort and investment, but a break from the stressful environment of work is, without doubt, a great way to refuel all the lost energy for yourself and your employees and most certainly will be worth it. Here are some reasons why planning a retreat will, in fact, be beneficial for you and your company:


So what are the benefits of a retreat?

Stronger community

Arranging retreats can be a great way for your employees to interact with each other at a non-professional atmosphere without any formalities attached. Most of the time we work beside each other for years and have the least or no communication at all; a simple retreat allows one to develop a better relationship with each other and create a stronger bond both during and off working hours. A stronger community also allows for the company to progress even more.


Hidden talents

You may never know what hidden talents or creativity most of your team members possess. It’s highly unlikely to discover them while they work at your company. Retreats are a great way to learn more about your employees and acknowledge their efforts. You never know what next big idea may be generated from your team especially when they are off work.


Higher Motivation

Your team is constantly at work and it is important for them to feel appreciated. No employee would be productive if they feel like they are not given credit for their efforts. Retreats are a great way to acknowledge the hard work of your employees, it can be seen as a way of giving back to them and this will most certainly boost their motivation level to work even better and more efficient.


Focused Goals

Arranging monthly or weekly meetings or reminders for your employees to be on track with your company’s goals can be demotivating at times. No one likes their work hours being taken for a meeting and having to stay back late or be reminded constantly via email of what the business needs in order to succeed. Retreats can act as a brilliant way to informally but more competently discuss the main objectives of the company’s goals in a casual and relaxed manner. It allows you to attain greater ideas, receive suggestions and make sure everyone is eagerly on track without having a constant reminder on their heads!


Skills are enhanced

Many retreats include recreational or educational activities for the team. This is a great approach to build a certain set of skills for your employees or even enhance what is already there. It develops each individuals’ ability to perform in a team and increases team building skills which are exactly what advances a company.


Great Analysis for New recruiters

If you recently recruited or even plan to recruit some new members into your team then it is a brilliant idea for you to invite them to a retreat as well. This allows your company executives and HR managers to get a better insight into how these individuals perform. It allows you to analyse one’s behaviour with other members of the team and their ability to perform and interact with one another in an organisation. It will provide a much better understanding to observe whether the recent recruits are proficient with their new position or not.



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