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How it works

  • Add a listing

    Publish an attractive space.

  • Dashboard

    You’ll get real-time updates on who applied to your listings. Manage all communication through the platform.

  • Accept members

    Define your criteria and accept users that well respect your policy and space.

  • Accept payments

    Once you’ve approved the candidate, Startupbnb will receive the complete payment and process it to your account via PayPal only.

  • It's free

    We take no commission in the booking. We only subtract the credit card process fee which is less than 1% of the payment.

  • Simple pricing

    Startupbnb charges a fixed platform fee with no additional charges on the bookings. It’s the cheapest way to get new customers. Companies like Airbnb take more than 10% commission.


Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we can answer all of the questions you may have. If we missed anything, feel free to ask us directly at the bottom of the page!

Is there an expiration date for my listings? How long does a listing stay active for?

Listings that are published under the free trial will expire within 30 days after being approved by the admin. All other active listings are renewed on a monthly basis. We recommend that you select the option to make your subscription “recurring” so your listing stays active.

How will I be notified that I've received an application request?

You will be notified via both email and your Startupbnb dashboard. You will find a request under the “Reservations” tab in which you can either accept or reject. Startupbnb members interested in your space will also be able to message you directly to your email and dashboard inbox to inquire about your listing.

Are there any enforced cancellation policies for listing spaces?

We are a lead generating platform. We allow you complete control over the cancellation policy. But as a suggestion, we found that lenient cancellation policies encourages users to commit and start a booking.

Why is my listing not live yet?

Listings may be put on hold for further verifications. In the event that your listing is not live, please email for further details.

What is a featured listing?

A feature listing gets surfaced and displayed over other standard listings. This increased visibility promotes greater click-through rates and chances of booking. Each package plan comes with a certain number of featured listings. You can increase your number of featured listings by upgrading your package.

How do I switch my plans?

You can switch your plan at any time. In order to switch your current plan, simply select a new plan from “My subscriptions” on your dashboard page and proceed with payment.

How will I be billed when I switch plans?

You are billed immediately on the date you switch your plans. Your previous balance will not be refunded or carried forward. On switching plans, your previous recurring payments are cancelled.

Do I get to keep my old listings when I switch plans?

Yes, all your previous listings will be maintained after you’ve switched your plans. In the event that you’ve downgraded your package, any listings that runs over the new plan’s maximum amount will be disabled.

Do you have a platform which allows me to advertise events/workshops/bootcamps?

You will soon be able to promote your listings and events under our Events and Resorts page. This feature will go live after May 2016.

What do I get out of a dedicated online advertising budget?

We run marketing campaigns to drive traffic specifically to your personalized page where members can view your listings and more information about your company.

What is a personalized page?

A personalized page is a profile page of your company where members can learn more about your company as view your active listings.

What is your membership cancellation policy?

We do not provide refunds for Premium membership plans. If you’ve set up a recurrent payment plan, you can opt out of it so the membership will automatically terminate after its expiration date.

How do I make payment for a membership?

Payments for your membership is made directly to us from the “My Subscriptions” page of your dashboard after you’ve select the membership plan.